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Lot Number: 1001 Wolfe Productions
220 Steer Calves  
Base Weight: 460 lbs.
Stops at 485

Slide: 20ยข over/under 460
(Weight Stop @ 35# over and Slide Stop @ 35# under)

Color: Approx. 65% Blk & BWF with Balance Char-English X with a few Red, RWF
Frame: Med-Large Flesh: Thin Wt Variance: Uneven
Breed: Black & Black Baldy being predominately Black Angus cows; Reg Black Angus (Booth Cherry Creek, TD) & Reg Charolais (Cardinal) bulls;
Delivered 11/1/2018 to 11/6/2018 Rep Option
Origin: Ranch Raised    
Location: W Diamond Ranch; 7 mi N of Kremmling, CO; 135 mi S of Laramie, WY
Fed: On cows, native and grass hay meadows, Moore Mans mineral
Shots: Birth: Alpha 7; Branding: Pyramid 5+Presponse, Vision 7/Somnus; Pre-Cond: Pyramid 5+Presponse, Vision 7/Somnus
Other Info: Scurs; Knife Cut
Weigh Up: Early AM gather sort from cows, load on seller's trucks, haul 7 miles, unload, sex and weigh on the ground w/a 1%. Sort for loads & weigh cuts back after first weigh. Slide stop is 25 lbs up and 25 lbs down. NOT 35 LBS!!!
Comments: Handy weight set of high elevation calves that are GREEN. Feed or graze they will perform-coming out of very dry area. Sell most uniform set out of approx 260 head.1st time consignor to CCV.  
Rep: Chuck Petersen /   Phone: (307) 575-4015
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