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Lot Number: 1199 Kerbs 4 Bar (Carl, Kip, Corson Kerbs)
130 Weaned Steer Clvs  
Base Weight: 430 lbs.
Stops at 450

Slide: 20ยข off at Base Weight

Color: 98% Blk; 2% BWF/Red
Frame: Med-Large Flesh: Light Med Wt Variance: Slightly Uneven
Breed: Ang & AngX cows; G Bar H, Cal Herring & XH Ang bulls;
Delivered 12/10/2018 to 12/21/2018 Rep Option
Origin: Ranch Raised    
Location: Kerbs Ranch; 4 mi W of Saratoga, WY
Fed: Old hay meadows, grass hay & protein tubs
Shots: Pyramid 5+Presponse SQ, Vision 7/Spur; Pre-Cond: Pyramid 5+ Presponse SQ & Vision 7/Somnus; Weaning: Pyramid 5+Presponse & Vision 7
Other Info: Banded
Weigh Up: Early AM gather sex, weigh on the ground w/a 2%, sort for loads
Comments: Choice high elevation strs. All late April & May clvs. Weaned 35+ days on meadows & long stem hay. Check WT @ 425 lbs pay on 12-3-18.  
Rep: Zach Johnson /   Phone: (307) 575-2171
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