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Lot Number: 109 Monaghan Ranch
160 Weaned Steer Clvs  
Base Weight: 610 lbs.

Slide: 10ยข off at Base Weight

Color: 100% Blk/BWF
Frame: Med Flesh: Light Med Wt Variance: Uneven
Breed: Blk Ang (A lot of Connealy Ang Genetics) cows; Blk Ang (McConnell Ang, Seevers Ang, Minert/Simonson Ang & Ostrand Ang) bulls;
Delivered 1/24/2019 to 1/31/2019 Rep Option
Origin: Ranch Raised    
Location: Ranch ; 2 mi E of Brewster, NE; 45 mi W of Burwell, NE
Fed: Bunk Broke; longstem hay & 1% BW Distillers pellets, free choice mineral. Running out in large grass traps.
Shots: Branding: Ultra Choice 7, BoviShield Gold 5 & Pinkeye; Pre-Cond: Sept 7th- BoviShield Gold One Shot & Pinkeye; Boostered Dec 21st, Ultra Choice 7, BoviShield Gold 5 & poured w/Ivermectin
Other Info: Knife Cut
Program: All Natural , NHTC, BQA , CAB
Age/Source: IMI Global
Weigh Up: Early AM gather out of large grass traps, sort for loads, load on buyer's pre-weighed truck, haul 18 miles to Odenbach Feeders scale (east toward Taylor), weigh w/a 2%
Comments: Fancy! Repeat buyer. Loads of genetics right out of the heart of cow & feeder country. Great location. Sort from 170 strs. Strs 95% All Natural as of 1/4/19. Weaned on Nov 7th, 2018.  
Rep: Lander Nicodemus /   Phone: (307) 421-8141
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