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Lot Number: 103 Traci & Thompson Bruegger
100 Weaned Steer Clvs  
Base Weight: 575 lbs.
Stops at 585

Slide: 18ยข off at Base Weight

Color: 99% Blk; 1% BWF
Frame: Med Flesh: Med Wt Variance: Uneven
Breed: Blk Ang cows; Reg Blk Ang (Lisco/MDiamond) bulls;
Delivered 1/12/2019 to 1/18/2019 Rep Option
Origin: Ranch Raised    
Location: ; 17 mi E of Lusk, WY
Fed: Growing ration
Shots: Branding: Vision 7/Spur, Vista Once SQ; Weaning: Vision 7/Spur, Vista Once SQ, Nasalgen; Pre-Cond: Vision 7/Spur, Vista Once SQ in October
Other Info: Knife Cut
Weigh Up: Early AM gather from pen, sex, sort for load, load on buyer's pre-weighed truck & weigh on the ground w/a 3%
Comments: Fancy strs, one iron, home raised, wintered for grass. Test weighed 105 hd on Dec 20th, 2018 @ 555 lbs gross.  
Rep: Ty Thompson /   Phone: (307) 340-0770
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