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Lot Number: 111 4 Taylors Livestock
180 Weaned Steer Clvs  
Base Weight: 570 lbs.

Slide: 12ยข off at Base Weight

Color: 54% Blk; 42% Red; 4% RWF
Frame: Med Flesh: Thin Wt Variance: Uneven
Breed: Blk Ang cows; Reg Polled Hereford (Wooden Shoe Farms) bulls;
Delivered 1/12/2019 to 1/21/2019 Rep Option
Origin: Ranch Raised    
Location: Lapoint, UT; 150 mi W of Craig , CO
Fed: 6 lbs Alfalfa; 12 lbs Silage; 4 lbs Chopped Corn & mineral
Shots: Full Zoetis program, with pinkeye, Somnus, 8-way; Mineral Max & Cydectin
Other Info: Nubs; Banded
Weigh Up: Early AM gather at feedlot, weigh on the ground w/a 2%
Comments: Nice set of F1 cross clvs & one iron. Branded, weaned & Pre-conditioned Oct 30th. Raised in the Uintah Basin at 7,500 to 8,400'. Hardy set of clvs. High quality.  
Rep: Greg McKee / Zach Johnson   Phone: (435) 823-6714/ (307) 575-2171
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