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Lot Number: 124 Haywire Cattle Company, LLC
73 Heifers  
Base Weight: 700 lbs.
Stops at 735

Slide: 8ยข off at Base Weight

Color: 78% Blk/BWF; 18% CharX; 4% Red
Frame: Med-Large Flesh: Li ght-Med Wt Variance: Slightly Uneven
Delivered 1/21/2019 to 1/25/2019 Rep Option
Origin: Purchased    
Location: El Dorado, KS; 30 mi E of Wichita, KS
Fed: Running out on grass & receiving a grow ration (35% WDG; 20% Hay; 30% silage; 15% Corn
Shots: Pyramid+Presponse & Vision 7 (2X); Cydectin Injectable; Synanthic; Revalor G
Other Info: Very Few nubs; Implanted
Program: BQA
Weigh Up: Early AM gather weigh on the ground w/a 3%
Comments: Nice set of native KS hfrs. 50 hd from 1 ranch & 23 from neighbors ranch. Handy weight, great location & not packing much meat. Cattle should feed very well.  
Rep: Andy Jones /   Phone: (316) 390-3509
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