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Lot Number: 205 Pat & Sherri Cullen
79 Weaned Steer Clvs  
Base Weight: 635 lbs.
Stops at 650

Slide: 14ยข off at Base Weight

Color: 85% Blk; 8 % Red, 5% BWF; 2% RWF
Frame: Med-Large Flesh: Med Wt Variance: Uneven
Breed: Blk Ang cows; Reg Blk Ang (WEBO, Powder River & Reyes) bulls;
Delivered 2/14/2019 to 2/19/2019 Rep Option
Location: Cullen Feedlot; 12 mi SW of Wheatland, WY
Fed: Growing ration: 25 lbs/hd/day, 40% Silage, 30% Hay (ground alfalfa & oats) 30% whole corn
Shots: Branding: BoviShield Gold One Shot, Ultra Choice 7; Weaning: BoviShield Gold One Shot,Vision 7/Somnus; Poured with Ivomec; Jan 2nd: BoviShield Gold 5, SomnuBac; Jan 2nd Synovex S
Other Info: Knife Cut; Implanted
Program: BQA
Weigh Up: Early AM gather from pen, load on buyer's pre-weighed truck, haul 12 miles & weigh w/a 3%
Comments: Biggest & best of 200 hd. Front end of steers with 7 Red or RWF. Could be all Blk @ buyer's request. Weaned Nov 8th, gentle, bunk broke. Test weighed 55 hd Feb 1st @ 626 lbs gross.  
Rep: Ty Thompson /   Phone: (307) 340-0770
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