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Lot Number: 207 Heiting Cattle
67 Weaned Steer Clvs  
Base Weight: 825 lbs.
Stops at 860

Slide: 6ยข off at Base Weight

Color: 90% Red; 10% Red Baldie
Frame: Med-Large Flesh: Thin Wt Variance: Slightly Uneven
Delivered 2/16/2019 to 2/20/2019 Rep Option
Origin: Purchased from W SD & NW NE    
Location: Heiting Ranch ; 3 mi S of Hay Springs, Ne; 45 mi N of Alliance, NE
Fed: Growing Ration to gain aprox 2.25/day
Shots: Purchased w/preconditioning shots & boostered w/Titanium5, Vision7, 20/20/Spur, SafeGaurd & Ivermec in Nov;Poured w/Clean Up in Jan
Other Info: Implanted
Weigh Up: Early AM gather from emty bunk. Sorted on way to Buye'rs pre-weighed trk. Load and haul 3 miles & weighed on trk w/a 3%
Comments: Front end red strs off 1800 grass calves. Same good frame & long hair. Kept green not pushed. Will be presorted before del. if neccisary. You'll like em..Test weight on Feb 4th.  
Rep: Richard Zweifel /   Phone: (605) 209-6307
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