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Lot Number: 202 Forshee Land & Livestock
95 Weaned Steer Clvs  
Base Weight: 565 lbs.
Stops at 600

Slide: 14ยข off at Base Weight

Color: 50% Blk; 50% Red
Frame: Med Flesh: Thin Wt Variance: Slightly Uneven
Breed: Blk & Red Ang, South Devon cows; GG&T Optimizer, Leachman Stablizer, Low PAP & High Profit Tested bulls;
Delivered 2/15/2019 to 2/22/2019 Rep Option
Origin: Ranch Raised    
Location: Forshee Ranch; 180 mi NW of Casper, WY
Fed: High roughage growing ration after weaning
Shots: Vista Once SQ, Somubac 7/Spur, Nasalgen (2X), pour on with Ivomec at weaning
Other Info:
Weigh Up: Early AM gather out of pens, load on buyers pre-weighed trucks, haul 20 miles & weigh w/a 2%
Comments: Fancy high elevation strs that summer @ 9,000'. Long time wnd. Cattle will be light fleshed with an excellent sort. 15 years of carcass data. NO IMPLANTS! Not all Natural due to some eyes being doc.  
Rep: Chris Williams /   Phone: (307) 272-4567
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