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All Buyers must pre-register at Cattle Country Video and must have a buyer number to bid. Buyers need to register at least one week prior to the sale. Registration can be done by one of the following three methods.

  1. Call and register at 1-888-3-CATTLE (1-888-322-8853).
  2. Fill out and fax this form to 307-532-2040.
  3. Go online to Cattle USA , find the CCV site and click to register. Cattle USA buyer registration info. Note: All Cattle USA Buyers must fill out this form before being approved.

Useful Buyer Info

Buyers who will be watching and bidding on the internet please go to Cattle USA and register to bid online prior to the day of the sale. Once you are approved to bid online you will receive an e-mail that you are approved. Your viewing experience depends on your connection speed. Please test your speed prior to sale time at Connection speeds of 800 kbts is recommended.

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